DavePress inc.

I’ve finally done it.

Today I handed in my notice at work, and once that period is up, I will be freelancing: peddling my social media wares to anyone that will have them. Actually, that isn’t strictly true. Here’s some of the stuff I hope to be doing:

  • Strategy – helping organisations figure out exactly what they ought to be doing with the web to achieve their goals, using workshops, games, demonstrations and other fun stuff – and blending that approach with offline activities
  • Training – to teams, groups, and individuals on how to use social media tools, whether it is setting up a wiki for a collaboration project or starting up a blog
  • Content creation – I can be a blogger for hire, or help produce video and audio content for online distribution
  • Building stuff – I’m a dab hand at putting sites together with WordPress, have a fair bit of Drupal experience, and if I can’t do something I generally know someone who can

If you, or someone you know, is interested in any of the above do get in touch – I am happy to work contracts or short term little projects.. I’ve a few bits up my sleeve already, but the more the merrier for me, quite frankly!

I’m going to be getting as much work as I can through this blog, as it is certainly the best means available to me to be able to reach the people who might be interested in giving me money. Also, if people read the blog they know what they are going to be getting: enthusiasm, a can-do attitude and a real desire to help people make sense of how the web can help them.

Now starts the fun stuff of setting up a company and getting my head around tax and stuff. Thank God Mrs Briggs has offered to help with the admin.