LINK: “Understanding legacy technology in government”

“I think we have to accept that there’s going to be legacy stuff out there, and there’s going to be unsupported systems. So it would be better to accept that we’ve got that and come up with strategies for how we’re going to manage that.” Original:

Five for Friday (30/6/17)

Quite a mixture of stuff this week – plenty to dig into over the weekend. Interesting job at GDS, promoting the use of Verify in local government. You have until the end of Sunday 2nd July to apply – so better get cracking if you fancy it. If you’re on the lookout for a … Keep reading

Enabling government as a platform?

On Saturday at GovCamp 2015, Mike Bracken announced the enabling strategy, the approach GDS is developing to deliver something they call government as as platform. Here’s the nice, short video that explains it: Now, this is very sensible and it is hard to argue against it. The one quibble I have is whether this really … Keep reading

A GDS approach to internal systems? Please?

The Government Digital Service is the UK government’s solution to the issue of ensuring that government services are accessible and usable for citizens online. Quite rightly they have received plaudits for their approach to service design and delivery. This is set out in the service standard, a list of 26 criteria that digital services should … Keep reading