Be opinionated

To make things happen, it helps if you have opinions. Apple are a great example of a company that has opinions. They express those opinions in their products, and like most opinions, some people don’t like them – but that’s fine. For instance – lots of people moan about the lightning cable used to charge […]

Achieving digital transformation workshop

This workshop will equip anyone involved in digital transformation and channel shift projects with the skills and tools they need to deliver fantastic results. Book your place now! The workshop will be led by the needs of those attending, focusing in on those areas of strategy, leadership, delivery and capability that have been identified as […]

What will a VirtualGovCamp session look like?

We’re probably due an update, not least because people keep asking me about VirtualGovCamp – and one of main topics people are querying is how on earth this thing is going to work. To reiterate some of the things I have previously written about this, VirtualGovCamp will live and die by its asynchronicity. That is, […]

Northern Futures

There’s an interesting bit of open policy work going on at the moment with the Deputy Prime Minister’s office working with the Policy Lab and Open Policy Making team, who are both based at the Cabinet Office. I’m lucky enough to be involved in a small way, too. It’s called Northern Futures, and is all […]

Why writing helps

One of the things that I love about being a blogger is the encouragement it gives me to write. Writing helps. It’s fair to say, I think, that if you want to get good at something, then writing about it is a key part of the learning process. You don’t even have to do it […]

The need for internal digital evangelism

If you’re going to make your organisation sit up and take notice when it comes to new, digital ways of doing things, you need to get out there and sell them. Pretend you’re a techie startup trying to sell your product to your organisation. Get on every team meeting agenda that you can. Speak at […]

Using Trello to help run a workshop

I’m a bit ambivalent about Trello as a project management tool – I know others love it, but me, I prefer something that looks a bit more spreadsheety. If you’ve not heard of Trello – here’s a video that explains it. Anyway, I did manage to make use of Trello in a pleasing way during a […]