Why senior managers need to lead online

I wrote a thing for the Guardian’s Public Leaders’ Network: The explosion in online innovation throughout public services is seeing more and more activity taking place on the net, whether via interactive websites, or mobile applications. Networks such as Twitter and Facebook provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and problem solving on a scale unimaginable previously […]

Bookmarks for December 12th through December 30th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. Five (grim) predictions for 2011 – Ingrid expresses a few concerns. Let's work to make sure this stuff doesn't happen! What Localism might mean for local gov web managers by Michele Ide-Smith – Great stuff as always from Michele. A must read for folk interested in web […]

Connected Generation 2010

Connected Generation 2010 is, in the words of chief cheerleader Tim Davies: …a one-day conference exploring youth engagement and technology in 2010. Based on feedback from participants at recent training events, and on the positive response to the Beyond Twitter event we ran up in Wrexham last year, we’re trying a mixed Conference and Open […]

The Conservatives’ ‘Honest Food’ campaign

Yesterday morning, the Conservative Party launched a new campaign for ‘honest food’ – which is all about labelling food with its country of origin. They do have a rather nice video: I don’t usually drift into party political stuff on this blog, and I’m not really going to start now. For some reason though, this […]

Tom Watson’s Christmas Message

Our Minister for Digital Engagement’s blog has a stark message: Globalisation in a connected world did for Woolies. When my son is a teenager, his friends will arrange to meet online and share their music tastes before pressing the ‘buy’ button. They’ll discover the world from their shared trust in favourite web sites. We are […]