I’ve started properly bookmarking again, using Pinboard.

If you want to quickly see the latest things I’ve bookmarked, they are in the right hand sidebar on this blog – just below the email subscription options.

Alternatively you could look at my Pinboard page for everything I have ever bookmarked, and I also have an IFTTT recipe set up to send new bookmarks to my Twitter feed.

How does this differ to daveslist? Good question. My bookmarks are more of a firehose, just anything I find remotely interesting. There are likely to be at least five links every day.

The newsletter, on the other hand, offers the most interesting things I’ve seen recently, with commentary attached. Consider it the executive summary.

Link roundup

I find this stuff so you don’t have to:

Goodbye Delicious, hello Pinboard

So following the news that Delicious has been bought from Yahoo!, by the guys who did YouTube, I decided it was time to set myself up somewhere else. It might be that Delicious thrives under its new owners – in which case fine, I can always switch back. But I didn’t want to leave myself exposed, and so I’ve switched to Pinboard.

My account is here, in case it’s of interest.

Pinboard seems to be the geek’s choice of bookmarking service and there have been loads of recommendations for it, largely because it is a no-frills version of what Delicious did well – saving, describing and tagging web links.

It seems fine and I’m currently working out how to get the occasional link posts added here. Hopefully it won’t cause too much bother!

Whither WordPress?

I did wonder whether there was a way of doing all my bookmarking within a tool I already use, though, and WordPress seems to potentially fit the bill – not least because I host it myself and so have total control over my data.

After all, I don’t really use the social features of social bookmarking – and tend to rely on it as a publishing tool.

Here’s what I’d like to have: a WordPress plugin that creates a new content type called bookmarks, that has a bookmarklet to make it easy to save them, with a title, description and tags.

It would let me publish them to the blog either as I save them, bundling them into posts of ten links, or maybe a single weekly post. An option to ping them to Twitter would be nice too, and maybe a dedicated feed of just bookmarks. Oh, and I’d want to be able to import my Delicious or Pinboard bookmarks to, so I’ve just got the one database.

Does something like this exist? Or does anyone fancy making it happen? I’d be eternally grateful…