LINK: “Growing communities beyond the edges of the organisation”

In digitally mature organisations we are used to seeing strong communities of engaged, self-selecting members gathered around a shared purpose beyond that of their day to day jobs. Organisational communities thrive because they add an extra dimension to the organisational structure, and can increase the number of connections each individual has across the organisation’s network.


The Workplace – Q and A site for your career


I recently came across The Workplace – a question and answer site for people who go to work.

It’s built on the Stack Exchange platform – which has considerable success in building knowledge communities, particularly around techy topics. I personally find the WordPress one an invaluable resource.

In The Workplace, people are asking questions about how to deal with job interviews, difficult conversations with colleagues, bad managers and how best to use certain tools and processes.

It’s a fun idea and certainly seems to resonate with a big group of people as it is a fairly active community. Why not take a look?

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