Bits and bobs for Monday 26 January 2015

An occasional effort to link to interesting things I have seen. Not convinced about the format yet – let me know what you think.

To finish, a video. This talk from Simon Wardley on value chain mapping is insanely interesting:

Podcasts you might like

As well as making my own podcast, I also love listening to those created by other people.

Here are some of my favourites – maybe you will like them too!

Try Doorbell

Robert Brook and Lloyd Davis chanter on about technology, work, and getting old.

This is the podcast that inspired me to give it a go myself.

Go there now.

This Week in Google

Leo Laporte’s TWIT network is full of great podcasts, but the Google one is my favourite, mostly due to the co-hosts, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis, who really add insight to the weekly discussions about Google,
the cloud, mobile, social media and more.

Go there now.

The New Disruptors

A great podcast featuring weekly interviews with people doing new, creative things in new, creative ways. Hosted by the ace tech journalist Glenn Fleishman.

Go there now.


Myke Hurley chats every week to someone interesting who does interesting things. What can I say? I just like interview style podcasts.

Go there now.

In Our Time

Something a bit different – Radio 4’s In Our Time is just wonderful. Taking a different, often rather esoteric, topic every week, Melvyn Bragg teases a bunch of academics and experts for 45 edutaining minutes.

Go there now.

It would be great to hear what you make of these podcasts! Also, any crackers out there I ought to know about?

Five for Friday – 11 April 2014

linksFive for Friday is WorkSmart’s weekly roundup of interesting stuff from the week’s reading.

  1. Dancing Giants: How Cisco Innovates
  2. How to write an internal communication strategy
  3. How To Convince Your Boss To Try New Things
  4. Tips for starting a podcast
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain
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We also now have a LinkyDink group which will automatically email you links to read everyday!

WorkSmart podcast – Episode 1 : The rough and ready first attempt

In this first effort at podcasting, I talk about podcasting. Oh, and audiobooks, and an actual paper book, too.

With thanks to Lloyd Davis for the inspiration.

Listen using the player below:

Or you can:

Here are some links to stuff I mention:

Hope it’s fun, or interesting. I’d settle for not a total waste of time, to be honest.

Bookmarks for March 30th through April 5th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to.

  • The Collapse of Complex Business Models « Clay Shirky – Awesome stuff from Shirky.
  •   Reflecting on my MSc research by Michele Ide-Smith – "By researching the attitudes and perceptions of authorities and citizens I hope to gain a better understanding of perceived barriers, threats and opportunities of using social media for community engagement"
  • Cinch – "Cinch is a free and easy way to create and share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. Cinch enables you to capture and report on your experiences in a way that simple text just can't do. Using a simple interface, you can make and broadcast your content creations through Facebook, Twitter, and more."
  • The State of the Internet Operating System – O’Reilly Radar – "Ask yourself for a moment, what is the operating system of a Google or Bing search? What is the operating system of a mobile phone call? What is the operating system of maps and directions on your phone? What is the operating system of a tweet?"
  • Penval’s Digital Inclusion Manifesto – Well done Paul Nash. This is what the digital inclusion debate needs – proper, thought through ideas. Genuinely constructive contributions. Not just people bleating about the problems.
  • tecosystems » Forking, The Future of Open Source, and Github – Is the future of open source going to be based on communities such as Apache and Eclipse or will it be based on companies that sell open source? Neither.
  • Dr Dennis Kimbro & his views on recruitment – Really interesting and thought provoking piece on talent management, and attitudes to it, in local government.
  • In quest of simplicty – "We expect IT to be complex and costly, but the lesson of the past 5 years in IT – where we’ve seen the consumerization of enterprise IT (“enterprise” is often a coy way of saying “this has to be complex and expensive – no questions!”) – is that IT can be both simple and cheap."
  • Law and social media – dull but important – "Social media throws up issues of privacy and identity which are far more complex when you have a complete record of someone’s time online and a also a need to balance the personal with the professional roles of an individual. "
  • Powerful petitions with real teeth set to bite – "Local people can now demand their councils take action on underperforming schools and hospitals, drink disorder, anti-social behaviour and other concerns under new rules giving real power to local petitions, announced Communities Secretary John Denham today."

You can find all my bookmarks on Delicious. There is also even more stuff on my shared Google Reader page.

You can also see all the videos I think are worth watching at my video scrapbook.


mp3player_mount I like podcasts. I certainly hope the current developments in streamed video don’t mean the death of downloadable audio and video in the near future. Here’s the list of ones I am currently subscribed to and listen on a regular basis. There’s a lot of ’em, but not every episode gets listened to all the way through – with a couple of exceptions…

  • For Immediate Release – Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz talk social media, communications and PR, and discuss the latest fads and spats on the way. Indispensable listening for me
  • Guardian Unlimited Football Weekly – Great discussion of the week’s footy news
  • Guardian Unlimited MediaTalk – I love hearing about all the media gossip and scandals. This is a world I will never be a part of, but I delight in hearing about it
  • Mark Kermode’s film reviews – flawless. Has he ever been wrong about a film? And Simon Mayo is the perfect foil for him.
  • Scobleshow – Very interested in what he does next.
  • Rocketboom – OK, so I just subscribed to this to see how video worked on my iPod. It’s stayed in my subscription list, and serves as a distraction now and again
  • In Our Time – Marvelously eclectic. My personal favourite was the one on negative numbers, which left Melvyn Bragg thoroughly bewildered
  • Start the Week – Again, high quality, mixed up discussed, ably chaired by Andrew Marr – whose A History of Modern Britain I really need to get round to reading.

Am I missing anything amazing?