Experiments in social learning

Social learning is a really interesting concept. It’s basically the idea that we can often learn better from each other rather than from an expert or teacher.

There’s an obvious usage for the internet and the kind of social tools I write about here in social learning, and an additional argument in favour of making them available within organisations.

Personal learning and technology

I blogged over on the Learning Pool site about the personalisation of learning and development in public sector (indeed, any) organisations, and the role of technology in it. Thought DavePress readers might also be interested. One of the interesting developments of web technology has been the increasing focus on individual, personal choices. Don’t like what’s … Keep reading

Bookmarks for March 16th through March 18th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. comment.ofqual.gov.uk – Lovely commentable document style consultations from Ofqual MINDSPACE: Influencing behaviour through public policy – Institute for Government – "Influencing behaviour through public policy explores how behaviour change theory can help meet current policy challenges, such as how to reduce crime, tackle obesity, or … Keep reading