Bookmarks for October 3rd through October 19th

I find this stuff so that you don’t have to. Solace 2010 write up; Localism, hash tags and a reflection on priorities – Great write up from Catherine Howe. Thriving too: Big Society: Yours Mine and Ours – "So how do smaller networks, organisations and projects engage with Big Society if they don’t feel completely … Keep reading

#lgworkforce – Sharing management successfully

Chris Elliott, Head of Transformation at Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and High Peak Borough Council shows how to make the most of a joint chief executive, how to bring services together to save costs and how to best spread best practice. Both excellent councils, semi-rural market town environment. Similar population, adjacent boundaries. But different counties … Keep reading

#lgworkforce – Buckinghamshire’s Organisation Redesign Programme

Gillian Hibberd, Corporate Director for People, Policy and Communications, talks through how their change process was planned and supported, and how staff were engaged. OD is aligning structure to objectives – form following function. Many orgs struggle to easily define their purpose. Structure alone does not guarantee success Org design is not a perfect science What are … Keep reading

#lgworkforce – Implementing a major organisational transformation

Melanie Wood and Catherine Griffiths from Birmingham City Council talk about how to take £450m out of the budget, addressing the workforce implications and creating new ways of working. Birmingham is the largest local authority in Europe – £3.4b revenue expenditure, 52,600 employees and has large funding cuts announced Excellence in people management – model … Keep reading

#lgworkforce – Successfully redesigning your organisation

Duncan Brown, Director of the Institute for Employment Studies, provides some lessons from research, what works in practice and pitfalls to avoid. How many major reorganisations have we all been through? Lots and lots, it would seem. Not many seem to have gone that well. Context: budget cuts, redundancies rising, private sector is still cutting … Keep reading