Leaving the Asylum

I read this post with some sadness, as John is giving his blog a break. He writes book reviews, great pieces about proper books. He says it’s going to be temporary, I hope it will be.

John’s blog is an example of why handing the process of publishing into the hands of everyone is a good idea. Amongst the egos, the idiots and the talentless are the gems like John, who make sifting through all the shit worthwhile.

Without the internet, and without the development of the technology that democratises the power to publish, I would never have bought the books he recommended and my life would have been less rich as a result.

Just another reason why this stuff matters.

Google blogs to follow

One of the things I like about Google is the number of blogs they have, used by many of the teams at the company to document their work and share some good stuff.

Here are some of the ones I follow that I think might be of use to others who read this blog.

You can find a directory of official Google blogs here.

Unofficial blogs about Google that I read include: